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To all the DELECTABALLers out there, if you’ve got meatball problems, we have the answer.

Delectaballs is Adelaides only meatball food truck. Who doesn't like a good meatball or three. We will keep you updated on location through Facebook and twitter. Now come find Mr Darcy, our truck, and get some balls.

My lifelong search for the perfect meatball.......

Sunday afternoon at nonnas, the family has all gathered around for lunch. I’m sitting waiting patiently for the onslaught of food. Out it comes: the antipasti, the cheese, the pasta, and then the bowls of meatballs. I remember sitting at the table and a mammoth terracotta bowl being placed in front of me. The aroma that smacked you in the face was awesome -- no, wait -- it was amazeballs. It makes me smile now just thinking about it. Over the many Sunday lunches at nonnas, I began to find myself drawn more and more to these balls of joy. Sometimes nonna would make them in a tomato sauce, in soup, or in pasta. Then they could be made from pork, chicken or beef, but whatever she made, I always ended up eating them all the same way. My fondest memory is of her meatballs a pannini with sauce and cheese. Oh how the sauce used to dribble down my arm - I’d lick it off, of course! So this is how my adventure and obsession started. Over the years of traveling and dining out if there was a ball to be tasted, I was there. There are amazing varieties available; each culture has multitude of options, spices and meat combinations, or no meat at all. Then, there are the sauces and vessels they come in: pasta, soup, salad, with chips or in a pannini.... it’s endless.

As I grew older and wiser, I wonder what it is that makes the perfect meatball. I asked nonna for her recipes. A day was spent and we made them together... that is where I learnt the craft of meatballs, and what a treat! Even to this day, it is embedded into my heart. However, this wasn't enough for me! I wanted to know my options and how far I could take these balls of goodness. I asked family and friends for their recipes - it was a huge undertaking, as the options available are enough to send any baller crazy. Which meat or combination? Bread crumbs or soaked bread? Fresh herbs or dried? The options go on and on. What about the cooking? Pan fry, oven bake, cooked in sauce, or perhaps grilled.

I have become obsessed. Balls are running through my dreams. They go by so many names, each with there own variation. Kofta, rissoles... they go as far back as 900 AD, with one of the first-ever written cookbooks! No matter where you look, meatballs bring the world together. I look back to where I started and I can see how this idea has snowballed ... I just wonder how far will it take me.